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September 16, 2008 by 8junebugs

Hello, Etsy.

I ordered this a while ago from Moonlight Bindery but then realized that it was smaller than the old beige one, so I would have to haul out the leftover paint.

We were a little lax in removing switchplates and socket…plates. We taped them and painted around.

What? I know I’m damaging my DIY credibility, but we were in a rush. About the same rush as the maintenance guys, from the looks of it.

But then, they paint the chains in the chain locks. That might the laziest workaround I’ve ever seen.

I kind of want to make some of these myself, actually. I’ve got a nasty itch to decoupage stuff right now…

Check out Moonlight Bindery if you’ve got an interest in switchplates, journals (moleskines!), cards, etc. Show some love to my fellow Alexandrian.


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