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September 1, 2008 by 8junebugs

Over the past…almost four years, now, I’ve had a chance to evaluate and define my own professional and personal values.

I say that like they’re two separate things, but, if you’re lucky or really determined, they don’t have to be. If you’re lucky, you have a chance early enough in your career to see what it can mean to keep them in line.

Just something that’s been on my mind lately, as the year winds down and I consider my own professional goals. With so much going on, sometimes I feel the need to get back to fundamentals and focus on the core of what I believe, and what I strive to accomplish.

Draft 1

Adapted from a corporate source and invaluable experience with tremendous leaders

Creating Access

I value cultural diversity and commit to creating and promoting access to critical information for all people, throughout the world.


The success of any business is a direct consequence of its ability to attract, motivate, and develop people of character. Principled leadership and technical excellence will never become obsolete.

Customer Focus

As a writer, editor, and content manager, my skills serve a greater community. I can only be successful if I listen to my customers and understand their objectives and needs.


I will not compromise my integrity for any reason. I will hold myself to the highest ethical standards in all dealings.


I will bring my talents, experience, and insights to bear in serving objectives larger than my field. By recognizing the talent and value of other professionals, I only enhance my understanding and the quality of the overall product.


I will demonstrate respect and care for all people. Respect for each other transcends all professional agendas.


I will give back to my community and support causes that are greater than myself. Through this commitment, I will yield a result far greater than I could achieve alone.


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