Bravo, Brangelina


August 1, 2008 by 8junebugs

…for admitting you conceived the twins through IVF. Seriously. Hollywood types are so twitchy about that.

Would someone smack Dr. Wisot upside the head for me? If he truly believes that we live in an “era of reproductive freedom,” someone should leave a bag of flaming dogshit on his doorstep every time some bass-akwards state tries to circumvent Roe v. Wade or one of God’s Favorite Bigmouths brings it to the Supreme Court. When what grows in or issues from my womb is no one’s legal business but mine, THEN come talk to me about reproductive freedom.

Or? When it’s as easy to get insurance to cover fertility treatments and/or abortion as it is to get them to shell out for V1agra.


One thought on “Bravo, Brangelina

  1. Alicia says:

    I think it’s only an era of reproductive freedom if you can afford not only the treatments, but the counceling you will need to go with it. And then the counseling to deal with it when you realize that even the best treatments only have a success rate of 20-25%.

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