July 18, 2008 by 8junebugs

Because everything on this list should make me smile, laugh, or cry for the same reason. And because 3.0 is all about honesty.

  1. The first time he said “I love you”
  2. Singing with the Bean in the Barbie Jeep with the top down, halfway to Aptos on a Sunday morning
  3. Accepting a trophy senior year as a co-captain
  4. Walking home from Middlebury with my high school sweetheart and learning all about GI Joe, but mostly about Snake Eyes
  5. Beginning my first Avon Walk (it was even better than finishing)
  6. Ice skating at dusk with my cousins on the pond in the pasture
  7. That first time
  8. Sharing pizza rolls
  9. Building “igloos” in snow drifts and “forts” in the haymow
  10. Rockapella singing Come My Way
  11. Piccadilly Circus right before curfew
  12. Watching the sun come up from the front steps of the Wisconsin Ave house with Leonard after a night of card games and bad wine
  13. Lake Tahoe
  14. The second first time he said “I love you” 
  15. Snuggling with Maestro and a good book; snuggling with Teddy and a half-knit sock
  16. Dancing in a thunderstorm on the shore of Lake Memphramagog to a band called Downpour
  17. Painting my own apartment.
  18. Surprise birthday parties at 16, 18, and 21.
  19. Climbing tree horses
  20. Laughing with Ashley as we stole cookie dough from Amy’s bowl
  21. Every wine-tasting outing, because they were always with those friends, you know, the ones you can travel with
  22. Slumming with the Bean that night in Fremont, drinking black russians with those boys and somehow making it home alive
  23. Helping Alex her learn colors with M&Ms
  24. My friends’ faces on their wedding days
  25. The last first time we said “I love you”

2 thoughts on “Revised

  1. I think about those drives to and fro, a lot. We have had one too many of those morning afters where we said “whoa, we should be dead.” Oh the No-Doze – that evil, evil lying pill. Like hell it’s a good idea!

    I still cannot go to the beach without craving a Noah’s chocolate chip bagel.

    I am proud to have made the list on 3 accounts. The bathtub, jewel and drunked Jen is a pretty fond memory – a crystal clear one.

    Good times always follow us.

  2. 8junebugs says:

    Four, Bean — Wine-tasting in Sonoma. Didn’t we do Livermore once, too?

    You know, back before Livermore was hip?

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