Twiddley dee, twiddley diddley dee


July 16, 2008 by 8junebugs

New “feature”: Twitter feed on the right, under 8junebugs: 24/7

Rationale: “it’s useful if you end up in an Egyptian jail” -Alicia

Other Rationale: You don’t need Twitter to be an A-list or even a B-list blogger, though it’s common. (I aspire to be a Q-list blogger.) But I’m a Web geek and my boss’s boss now knows what Twitter is, even down to knowing that individual Twitter updates are “tweets” and the act of updating a Twitter account is “tweeting.”

We’re in Communications. We must be ready to define and/or  conjugate all words at all times.

So because it’s becoming part of our corporate lexicon, I put myself through the exercise of setting up an account and adding a feed to my blog. When someone asks, I can honestly say I’ve done it rather than “I’m sure I can do it.”

And I’ve activated phone updates, mainly so I can tell the internets IMMEDIATELY when I see something clever out in the real world.

Apology: Sorry about each full tweet being a hot link — it bugs me, too. WordPress does not always play well with others, and until I download a more complicated widget or design my site without using a template, this is how the tweets will appear.


2 thoughts on “Twiddley dee, twiddley diddley dee

  1. Tammy says:

    I LOVE Twitter! I have it on my blog, too…and now I’m following you at the site and w/phone updates. Funny, they call it “following” when all it really is is “stalking”.

    Love ya sweets!

  2. 8junebugs says:

    Dude. The internets has made stalking SO MUCH EASIER.

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