Better than bitter lettuce


July 11, 2008 by 8junebugs


Chard and Salami Frittata

I have conquered the chard, my friends. I have gained my Random AND UNSOLICITED Green Leafy Veggie legs.

Alicia, what kind of chard did you give me? I don’t remember. I also don’t care, because I have made it my bitch and decided that any variety of chard would work in this recipe, because chard, like any other tough green veggie, takes on a nutty flavor when sauteed.

What you see before you, in a Chantal tart dish topped with a Le Creuset spatula, is what remains of a Chard and Salami Frittata (recipe from Appetit). This looks remarkably pretty to me, considering what a sloppy cook I tend to be. But I think it’s because the thing was cooked entirely in Bertha and then slid presumptuously into the clean tart pan.

This recipe comes out extremely salty, just so you know. I was craving salt and therefore not terribly fussed about it, but I think the next time I make it (because I will undoubtedly receive more chard at some point) I will reduce the added salt significantly. The salami and the pecorino will provide quite enough, I think.

I found another chard recipe that sounds tasty…tasty enough to entice me to use anchovies.

Apparently, the trick to eating chard is to bury it in salty fats. Good to know.

I have no idea what the nutritional value of this dish is, though I could probably figure it out if I wanted to worry about it. Think of it this way: I made the whole thing with locally grown eggs, chard, and garlic, and salami purchased from my local cheesemonger. Eating locally outweighs fat calories. That’s the rule.

FYI: Do not sign up to cook with fresh eggs if you are squeamish or otherwise uncomfortable with the food chain. This is where my rural upbringing comes in very handy… I helped birth a calf once, then went ice skating. It takes a lot to gross me out.


3 thoughts on “Better than bitter lettuce

  1. Alicia says:

    Red Russian Chard. I’m sure there will be more and you can have that too.

    What was up with your eggs?

  2. Shotgun says:

    Now eyeing that carton of eggs that Alicia brought over with suspicion. And fear.

  3. 8junebugs says:

    Don’t panic. There’s just a little…inconsistency in the eggs’, er, consistency.

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