Love Letter


June 5, 2008 by 8junebugs

Dear Julia:
Thanks, babe. This is exactly what I wanted my hair to do. We both know it’s a little shorter than the picture I showed you, but it’s healthy and shiny and doing what it’s supposed to do. It’ll grow.

And you were totally right about the Graham Web Making Waves gel…I should have been using this all along. It keeps my hair curly without being stiff or sticky, which, as you know, is why I usually avoid gels. If I ever bother straightening it regularly again, I’ll try the Stick Straight product, too. I do hope you get a commission on product sales.

I’m so sorry I considered dumping you for that Mohammed guy everyone loves at Pentagon City. He’s flashy and talented and not even really that gay, but he’ll never be as good to me as you are.

I would also have to pay to park at Pentagon City, and nothing galls me more than having to pay to park at a mall.

Let’s always be together, Julia. You and me — making me pretty since 2006.

In Matrix we trust,

P.S. I’m also sorry for always giving you such a hard time about your advice to not wash my hair every single day. You were right, I was wrong — it really is better this way.


One thought on “Love Letter

  1. Tammy says:

    You know what? About three days ago (I swear to God) I was trying to remember the name of a product that had a unisex perfume/cologne that I absolutely loved. I’d worn it around the time I moved to CA. I ran out and just never bought any more. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that rents were so high and we were all poor and staying that way trying to live in nice apts! But I digress.

    What I was saying is that I thought about that unisex perfume/cologne on Saturday while we were heading up to Atlanta, and for the life of me, I could not remember the brand.

    Well, sweetie…you’re brilliant! It was Graham Webb! When I read your blog, I thought to myself that it sounded like what I was looking for because I knew I’d know it when I heard/read it. Googled it…and there ya go! I found my perfume again!

    Girl, this stuff smells SO clean! Not too womanly, not to manly. It’s just a very clean smell. And now I’m about to go order some!

    Yay for me!

    (oh, and ps…I totally want to see a pic of those new shoes. I need to plan out the theft very carefully!)

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