Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag — as long as it fits in the overhead compartment

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May 21, 2008 by 8junebugs

You suck, American Airlines: $15 to check ONE BAG

Seriously? My wheeled weekender bag is not going to jack up the amount of oil used for my flight.

And I am now twice as pissed off about the toiletry limitations for carry-on. I can do a lot more damage with a circular knitting needle than with a tube of hair goo. But which do you think I’ve had pinched confiscated? If I have to carry on or pay a fee, I will have to actually deal with the damn restrictions.

Or…er…pay the fee.

Although I am getting in under the wire for my next trip.

I am taking the doctors’ advice about caring for the caregiver. In a little over two weeks, I’m taking a brief and much-needed trip to visit a friend (before that annoying fee kicks in) with a very specific agenda — spend some time together, celebrate a milestone, and do something special before the chemo hits the fan.

I have a feeling this will be my one Vacation-vacation for 2008…and that’s okay. Somehow, I think it will be more than enough.

Hard to beat the 2007 Sonoma trip, though… Good times. 😉


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