A womb is not a gumball machine


May 9, 2008 by 8junebugs


They’re at it again, my friends. Those who have moved with me from MySpace are already aware of how the mere mention of Michelle and JimBob Duggar makes my uterus weep salty tears of indignation.

Duggar Child Number 18 will debut in late December or early January. As you know, all of the Duggar children have names that begin with “J” — somehow, they didn’t get to Jennifer until #17 (li’l Jenny is now nine months old, bless her heart).

I wonder…do you think they’d consider “Junebug” for the next bundle of joy? I mean, it’s gender-neutral and fits their pattern, and it would stand out against the other 17, as opposed to the Joy-Anna/Johannah issue. It may not be as obviously biblical, but junebugs are beetles…which means they had to be around back then, right? I’m sure the apostles squashed at least a dozen every time they went from one town to the next.

I should drop them a line — this is clearly the solution to the naming quandary a family must face after they’ve used up all the obvious names beginning with a pre-selected letter.

I’m totally going to be their hero. I’ll bet they name a kid afte…  Oh. Well, maybe just a nice card will be thanks enough.


2 thoughts on “A womb is not a gumball machine

  1. Alicia says:

    From jezebel.com

    Best Comment of the Day, in response to Mom-To-17 Michelle Duggar Set To Birth Another Damn Baby: “Let this be a lesson, ladies. Never let a man named Jim Bob anywhere near your cooter. No good can come of it.” We say: anyone with a compound name including “Bob” is probably not to be trusted.

  2. 8junebugs says:

    Sage advice, indeed.

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