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April 21, 2008 by 8junebugs

Know what happens when you pack up a life? You find the maudlin poetry of your youth.

From the year I graduated high school, an oldie but a…well, it rhymes. A Jennifer Gingras original, folks.

No Explanation
But why? you said
While scratching your head
Just what could I have done?
It’s you? asked she
You’re wrong, it’s me
It’s my fault, I’m the one.
You cried, so I tried
To stay by your side
For you didn’t deserve the wrong
My heart didn’t know
Just which way to go
Does someone know where
I belong?

Running behind and drowning in nostalgia today… Movers will be here tomorrow morning, early. After that, I’ll pick up some more paint for my room and the living room. Those walls, they were thirsty.

Seriously. The nostalgia. Three feet deep in here and rising.


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