I’ll be loving you foreeeever…


April 10, 2008 by 8junebugs

That’s right, folks, the New Kids on the Block (Old Men on the Cul de Sac?) are back and TOURING.

Can I get a hell, ye-ah?

I swear to you, I was unaware of this when I posted about my stalker-level knowledge of Joey McIntyre’s family earlier this week. Seems like an omen, though, doesn’t it? A little leftover love connection between me ‘n’ Joe Bird? We were tight, people. I’m pretty sure I sent him a Christmas present once.

Listen, this teenybopper obsession of mine wasn’t all fluff and nonsense. The New Kids were, believe it or not, the reason I checked me out some Sinatra back in the day, and that, my friends, is the longest love affair I’ve ever sustained.

NKOTB also taught me the word “jizz.” Too bad they did not simultaneously teach me what it meant. That would have been helpful.

Alicia and I are on the hook for any concert they do in the DC area. I would totally sleep out for these tickets…if I wasn’t a freaking grown-up with a credit card and T1cketmaster pre-sale info.

So break out the crimpers and the hypercolor shirts, y’all. It is SO time to Hang Tough.


(Shut UP.)


3 thoughts on “I’ll be loving you foreeeever…

  1. Tammy says:

    Yes, I was excited to hear the news….I think I would totally go see them if they came to the ATL area. And I’m so excited for you!

    My stalker-level obsession? Jon Bon Jovi (I would lick sweat off parts of his body that you shouldn’t be allowed to – I know – TMI)….but it’s Jon Bon Jovi!

    To help you out with celebrity news, if you don’t already know about these:


    I don’t got to work in the morning or to sleep at night until I’ve checked these sites. They’re updated many times during the day.

    Mr Perez Hilton himself gets a lot if “in” info (before announcements are made), so he will make hints sometimes to stuff that’s about to happen.

  2. Alicia says:

    There’s going to be a new ablum too. I think we need to hold off on the wine country trip until we can get a copy of the new cd to play in the car on the way down.

    At some point I want to know how NKTOB lead to Sinatra. There seem to be some missing steps there.

  3. 8junebugs says:

    In one of the candid moments on a tour video, Joey started singing “Strangers in the Night.” I think he got out one line, but that was enough.

    An outtake of Jordan singing “Always and Forever” turned my cousin Amy into a Luther Vandross fan.

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