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March 31, 2008 by 8junebugs

Well, this weekend was full of announcements.

  • Two friends are pregnant with their respective second children, one of which is a boy, the other of which was conceived in spite of birth control. That’s right–when they say 99.6% effective, they’re looking at her. (Baby Project Name: Point-4)
  • An acquaintance is expecting his first with his long-term girlfriend in advance of purchasing a house with her (top of the list) and marrying her (next on the list). I don’t care about the order; the shocking bit is that the girl just found out and she’s due in June. This impending bundle of joy, I hear, is a girl.
  • A friend of a friend who is just swell (both the friend and her friend) is expecting twins and just found out there’s one of each in there.

I feel like I can expect one of my cousins to call at any moment to say that Santa’s bringing them another family member this year. These things do happen in waves, you know.


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