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March 20, 2008 by 8junebugs

Our parakeet, Bird, had her first physical today (that we know of, anyway). We were concerned by the overly enthusiastic nesting and the explosive diarrhea–both are signs of being in heat, but this round has gone on for a while and shows no sign of stopping. Also, she was carrying herself like she was expecting an egg to drop at any time.

Female budgies can lay eggs without the assistance of boy budgies, by the way. Sadly, those eggs are only fit for a marble-sized omelet–no boys, no chicks.

The verdict? Bird is not “egg-bound,” but she is cage-bound for two weeks so she can get better. She even has a parakeet prescription with twice-daily dosages.

I am suddenly very glad that “pet care” is on the other spouse’s chore list.

I’m not looking forward to her quarantine period, though. This is a very active bird with a forceful little personality, and I can’t see her adapting well to house arrest. If she can’t fly laps in front of the sliding glass door or play with her animatronic friends, I fear for her mental and physical stability.

It doesn’t take much to give a budgie the blues.

But the avian vet knows a lot more about these little birds than I do, so of course we will follow instructions.


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