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March 12, 2008 by 8junebugs

In discussing a website with limited functionality:

“We’re adding a blog.”

“We are? Really? How do you see that working?”

“Well, there will be a place on the site where we can link to relevant blog posts.”

“Ohhhh, okay. You mean a feed, then.”


“So which blogs are we putting in the feed?”

“That will depend on what I decide is relevant and appropriate.”

“So we’re not setting this up to happen automatically?”

“Oh, no…we would never do that. They’ll need to be approved one by one.”

“So it’s a list of interesting posts that you select and set up manually.”


This is not a dumb person. But it’s a good example of why, when someone wants to add a blog to a site, my first questions is, “When you say blog, what are you picturing?” Usually, it isn’t a blog.

Should I tell my respected colleague about our linking agreement? It seems like raining on her parade.


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