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March 4, 2008 by 8junebugs


Has anyone seen the Cold and Flu report on CNN and local channels? If you look to the mid-Atlantic (she gestures, stewardess-style), you’ll see that I am smack in the middle of a Widespread Outbreak.

I have a husband hacking up a lung–he had a cold that turned into bronchitis, so he was already pretty susceptible. The same germs have been circling the office for weeks. We work in a large oval, and I believe they make it all the way around in time to knock over someone who just got over the first round. Just a guess, given that two of the people in my cube cluster got sick, got better for about five minutes, then got sick again.

Mike’s doctor refilled a prescription for him and advised on non-prescription remedies. He also prescribed a PR0PHYLACTIC for me: Tam1flu. That’s right, y’all. I’m a lady, and I had to take a PR0PHYLACTIC prescription to our local apothecary. It said PR0PHYLACTIC right there on the scrip.

I bit my tongue against making a joke about rubbers and calling them “rubbers.” Because I have a pubescent boy’s sense of humor and also? I’m pretty sure I have the effing flu.


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