Did Nixon teach us nothing about image?

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February 20, 2008 by 8junebugs

Oh, John McCain. You poor dear. Tell your people not to let photos like this get into the media’s hands:

Obama, McCain extend winning streaks(CNN.com)

Good Lord, man. You’re the Crest Whitening poster child. It’s juxtapositions like this that give people the impression that the media has a liberal bias. Look at Senator Obama –a bright, shining, youthful vision of a promising future. Stick him next to this ghoulish photo of Senator Turkey Neck and he looks like the second coming.

I do have a fair amount of respect for McCain as a man, a veteran, and a senator. I can’t support his bid for the presidency because he toed the party line after losing the last round. I know he did what he had to do to further his career — I just thought he was better than that. Stronger. Snarking aside, all I feel looking at this photo is sympathy.


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