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February 11, 2008 by 8junebugs

Hey, y’all. I went off the radar for a bit last week, feeling under the weather in myriad ways. I hate being sick, especially when it’s difficult to predict and the only thing you can do to get better is nothing. I have still been lucky re: common cold and non-stomach flu, and by lucky I mean that I eat at least one can of pineapple a day and carry around sprayable hand sanitizer.

I spent the weekend catching up on the house stuff that lagged while I languished and now I’m doing the same thing for work. I caught “Breach” on HBO and was rather impressed. I think the story was handled well and I like that Harrison Ford wasn’t in it. And Ryan Phillipe always impresses me — he looks like a cross between Eros and Ares, if I’m not mixing my mirrored mythologies, and he has the most curiously soft voice. He’s an audio-visual conflict to me.

With the help of a friend and her puppy I started my training for the Avon Walk on Sunday morning. My hip flexors are not amused. However, I know what happens when you don’t train, so. . .yay! Here we go.

Talking of the Avon Walk, I finished another pair of socks for the “For the Cure” section of my Etsy site, giving me two pairs to photograph and upload for sale. All proceeds from sales in this section of the shop will be added to my fundraising total. I’m not deducting for materials — every non-shipping dollar will be donated.

I picked up some new yarn in varying shades of pink yesterday to inspire me. Not all socks (or hats) will be pink, but there will be a fair amount of it. 🙂 The pink Breast Cancer ribbon will also be well represented in tags, labels, and. . .any other small gifts sent to thank buyers for their support.

Because I am all about the packaging. Also, if you have never made an Etsy purchase, you might not know that including small thank-you tokens is, like, the thing to do. All the cool sellers do it.

If you have never bought from a crafter or artist via Etsy.com, you are missing out, my friends. There’s some serious talent in those shops and the community is almost embarassingly friendly. Prices, on the whole, are reasonable, and the sellers are carefully screened — your purchase will support an artist or crafter. You can even do a search for local crafters, if you want to support your artistic neighbors. Go on, check it out.


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